Lore Finder

So I decided that every once in awhile I’d try to write an article about a games that I find on this wonderful website: Itch is a website where you can post games, among other things. They’re usually small and don’t require monetary transactions. Plus a bunch of them can be played on a browser. In this article I’ll be talking about Lore Finder.

A Boss Monster

Lore Finder is basically Gravity Falls with more blood and a darker tone. There are plenty of Celeste and Castlevania vibes as well. And I gotta say, I love all three of those things, so this game’s atmosphere really appealed to me. You start off in this room with a staircase, and the controls float above your head. The first thing I did was press ‘Z’ which fired off the main character’s revolver. And the shooting animation is smooth, and the way that the blast casts a light on the trench coat is amazing. Plus whenever you jump, the hair and coat float in the wind and it looks so awesome.

Now keep in mind that this is just a demo. I was actually able to beat the whole trial though. And instead of doing a walkthrough, I’m just going to write about my favorite parts.

First off, the enemies in this game look incredible. They’re also brutally difficult to kill. That includes the bosses, both of which are neat and fun to fight. I particularly enjoyed the transporting horse octopus.

The upgrades you find twist the game in a sickly manner. My least favorite was the tentacle arm that sprouts out of your body anytime you need to wall jump. It almost looks as if the character is grimacing every time you perform this move.

Overall, Lore Finder is a great demo for a game that I’m excited to see released. The tone is moody with some dark humor, and the character is pretty cool. Trench coats and revolvers make anything better in my book.

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