Mission Impossible


Your Mission, SHould you choose to accept it...

    So I’m going to share my thoughts on Mission Impossible. The first one. There’s no secondary title or anything. Not even a number. Wow. In the age of franchises, that’s so weird to me. Whatever. Anyway, this article/random series of thoughts will be unedited, because we don’t have editors. So I apologize for the quality, but if you listen to the podcast then you know that we’re not great at professional-level stuff.

Let’s begin. I think I’ll do some obvious questions followed by some answers. Here we go:

What did you think of the movie overall?

It is DATED. Holy smokes they’re using laptops with the speed of sloths! I have a MacBook Air that I think is slow, but when Ving Rhames character, Luther Stickller (one of my favorite parts of the movie), hacks into stuff, I realize that my laptop is basically cutting edge. Speaking of the technology, let’s just go over the fact that this is the first movie where I’ve seen somebody use the Internet and not have Google! What in the world?! Larry Page and Sergey Brin get to work! I want my Google search engine right now! I understood basically seventy, maybe seventy-five percent of what Tom Cruise was doing whenever he was typing on the computer after (spoiler alert) his entire team dies and he’s sitting in a room alone with his giant laptop surfing the turf for Max. While we’re on the subject of Tom Cruise, let me just say that I was more charmed by him than in any other movie I’ve seen him in. His haircut is good, but I’m more of a 2011-2015 Tom Cruise hair. My favorite moment of Cruise charm is whenever he tricks Franz Krieger (Jean Reno) into thinking that the floppy disk (!!!) Cruise has is the real NOC list. His magic tricks and facial expressions are both so lovable that it’s no wonder that Cruise became one of the most famous actors ever.

That’s nice. What about the flow of the movie?

It was easy to watch. There was no long wait between action or plot point. That might be because I watch a lot of old movies and am used to it, but it’s also one of the first summer blockbusters ever made. The one thing that threw me off a little was the lack of death-defying stunts that are in the later movies. This one is more espionage. Although the whole Langley heist is one of my favorite moments in movies ever. Whenever Tom Cruise sets down the gadgets that disable the detectors manually I was like “This is legit amazing. Show me more.” And of course, Brian De Palma did. With an epic scene of young Tom Cruise dangling from a wire will using floppy disks and a  big computer (not connected to the internet!). While a deadly Frenchmen kills a rat. The last part didn’t make sense but I liked the fact that he didn’t want to bother with shooing it away. No, Krieger had to snap that rat’s neck.

Makes sense. What about that sweet climax on the train?

Hold on. I didn’t even get to talk about the espionage part of the movie.

Oh. Well then, talk.

I will thanks. The spy aspect of this film is so much more evident than in the others. Mission Impossible is all slick moves and darkness, while the latest (and greatest, in my opinion) Mission Impossible: Fallout is big guns and bigger stunts. It was a nice change and the greatest thing about this movie. I love whenever they use masks for the first time, and when Tom Cruise convinces Max (Vanessa Redgrave) to leave her giant mansion/apartment because the floppy disk covered in blood is a decoy and a tracking device. By the way, the chemistry between Tom Cruise’s character and Vanessa Redgrave’s character is AMAZING. I love whenever she calls him “Dear boy.” And I have no idea why I like it so much.

Yeah that was nice. What about the climax?

Well. It was great considering the scale of this movie, but after you’ve seen a giant thirty minute sequence in which Tom Cruise hangs on for dear life to the bottom of a helicopter, a train is a little less exciting. But I did like whenever Jean Reno pilots the blades of the chopper right next to Tom Cruise’s neck.

What an incredible pilot. Any other thoughts?

Nope. It was interesting to see how the franchise first started, even if it is different from pretty much every other entry in the series. I’m glad I watched it and if I had to rank the mission impossible movies, it would come in second. (First place will always go to Fallout because it was everything I wanted from a Mission Impossible movie)