In the fifth episode of Living on the Edge, a cop must try and outwit a gang of criminals. It becomes a high speed chase through streets, with an explosive ending! Who will survive? This short is based on: Heat, The Dark Knight, Inside Man, and really any cops and robbers story.
In the fourth episode of Living on the Edge, Jo tries to prove a theory. It's a short video, but really fun. Hope you enjoy! Tell me in the comments below if you think the theory is true or not.

In the third episode of Living on the Edge, Colin and Jo have to deal with a very hard math problem involving a lot of money. Do they settle it like civilized people? Of course not! Because this is Living on The Edge, where adventure awaits around ever corner!


Music provided by No Copyright Music:

Music used: End This by Evan King Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


In the second episode of Living on the Edge, a man crashes down on a hostile planet. He must evade danger, while also trying to contact some form of help. Will he survive the terrible odds that face him? Find out in this installment of living on the edge!


In the first episode of Living on the Edge, the future is grim. But fear not, for there is hope. It lies in the form of a police officer, ready to oppose any wrongs. Now, a gang of mutants, including the vile Half-Face, threaten the city.