Back to the Future


you built a time machine…out of an article?!

So recently I’ve been having a debate with myself in what the greatest movie ever is. And this article is all about one of those movies. I’ll probably write about the other ones later, but for now, I’m just doing one. As I say in every article, it’s un-edited, so please excuse the mistakes. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

What movie do I think is one of the greatest movies ever? Well obviously you know it might be Back to the Future, because you clicked on the poster to read the article. But I have my reasons. 

I think that Back to the Future is so great because of a couple key things:

1 - It’s got a great plot that has plenty of twists and turns. You literally can’t catch everything while watching it the first time.

2 - All of the characters are fun to be around and watch. Every time I re-watch this movie, I try and study a different character, just to see how they act. The last time was trying to find Billy Zane as one of Biff’s gang members.

3 - The worlds, both the 50s and 80s are crafted masterfully, and have unique places and settings that make them different and exciting.

4 - It’s got a killer theme, and multiple songs with lyrics that also play, just to spice things up.

5 - I could re-watch it, and if somebody asked me if I wanted to watch it again, five minutes after seeing it, I’d be like: “Sure, why not.”

Those are my reasons. I think that they're pretty valid, but maybe you need more convincing. Lemme also point out that it's the definitive movie about time travel. It literally invented how time travel works. Well maybe not invented time travel, I’d say it actually set up and explained the rules to a mass audience, which is more impressive. Plus for a movie made in the 80s it doesn't look bad. There isn't a lot of CGI, and what doesn’t look nice, is laughable. For example, the scene in which Marty and Doc are standing on the flames left by the DeLorean, Marty's leg is literally in the flames.

I’ll also vouch that no car has ever, or will ever, beat the DeLorean time machine as the greatest car ever. Plus, Doc apparently is so smart that he fixed the car so that it never breaks.

There are also a lot of charming things about this movie. For example, when Marty rides behind cars, or when he hooks up that tiny guitar to the speaker. One of my favorites is the entire sequence in which Marty, shook up from realizing he’s in the 50s, goes to Lou’s Cafe and proceeds to rip out Doc’s address, then orders a Pepsi free. Lou responds to this order with one of my top five lines in the movie: “You want a Pepsi kid you’re gonna have to pay for it.”. Then Biff comes in, plus Marty and George are sitting with the same pose and respond with the same head turn. You gotta love these things.

Could I talk about what a great actor Michael J. Fox is please? Thank you. Michael J. Fox is a great actor. I don’t even care what else he did. Marty might be the greatest teenager played by somebody well over their teens. Especially by the third movie, in which he looks early thirties at least. He’s the underdog, both in size and nobody in his family is famous or popular. His principal calls him a slacker. He doesn’t even have that sweet truck. Why he would want that after gaining a DeLorean is beyond me. I never don’t want to root for him. There really isn’t anybody else to root for consistently.

You can’t take about Marty without talking about Doc also. I think that Christopher Lloyd’s character is one of the best side-characters/parters ever. It’s such a great duo. They work really well off each other. Plus Doc is lovable in so many ways. He doesn’t have any social skills, besides of those with his dog, Einstein. Plus his outfits are always outrageously fun. I think my greatest Doc + Marty moment is either when they’re trying to find Marty’s dad and get him to go out with Marty’s mom, or whenever Marty’s mom visits them. Doc can also be insanely cool while wearing the goofiest thing ever made in a movie. (

There are also some of the great songs in this movie. For example, Johnny B. Goode probably had a new life thanks to this movie. And 

I also want to visit Hill Valley, but in the year 1980. Because that looked like such a fun time. For some reason I’ve got this strange fascination of the 80s, and that town is so iconic I could basically blend in. (Or at least blend in the way Marty did in 1950. Everything looks so exciting. That sweet jazzercise or whatever. The insane amount of burger restaurants (that amount of grease couldn’t be healthy). Plus I could break into Doc’s house and ask to drive the DeLorean.

There are also a lot of really good things that Back to the Future does. It paints what I assume are realistic pictures of both eras, providing a small look back at what those time periods where like for people that didn’t live in them. It teaches people to be confident and follow their dreams. For example, Marty becomes a guitar player, Goldie Wilson becomes the mayor, and George McFly writes his science fiction novel.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to write. So this is the end. Sorry if this was kinda weird and random. Again, it is un-edited.