Kick of your sunday shoes!

So I’m going to share my thoughts on Footloose. I have waited like maybe the last five years of my life waiting to watch this movie, and so whenever I finally did, it was exciting. And I gotta say, it was better than it had any right to be. Anyway, this article/random series of thoughts will be unedited, so please excuse any grammar mistakes I make.

Let’s begin. I think I’ll do some questions followed by some answers. Here we go:

[Warning: There will be lots of spoilers, and I’m going to assume you’ve watched the movie] 

What did you think of the movie overall?

I thought that it was so great and had the greatest message in the world. Which was of course, why are we not dancing everywhere we go? Maybe that actually wasn’t the message, but that’s the message I got. Then again, I thought the entire movie was gold, so I don’t know how accurate my thoughts are about this movie. I liked almost every sequence, though some more than others. The end scene was not all that climatic, but then again, I’d already seen clips of it, so that may have ruined the excitement.

What was your favorite sequence?

Either the tractor game of chicken, because 1. It looked slow and not dangerous in the least. And 2. It had a great song for the scene, but also one of the best songs from the soundtrack itself. My next favorite scene was probably the dance fight, were Kevin Bacon does a flying dance kick or something, and helps Willard, (By far the best character) win a fight against the town bullies. There was also the great scene in which a fellow classmate tries to scam Ren (Kevin Bacon) by putting something in his shirt. I think it was a cigarette, but I couldn’t really tell. 

Do you know about any of the actors that were going to be cast for these roles? 

No. Tell me some.

Ok. Two about Tom Cruise as Ren McCormack

Sign me up. I would have loved Tom Cruise in a musical so much. Has he ever been in one? 

I don’t know. Would you have liked Madonna as Ariel (Lori Singer)?

Sure. I don’t really care, but it would have been interesting to have somebody who’s also a singer in real life.

Do you know who Rob Lowe is?

No. Lemme check his movies and see if I recognize him. (Searches). Nope. Not a clue.

Ok. Well he was also going to be Ren.

Good for him. Except he wasn’t so bad for him.

I guess so. Anything else you wanna say?

Yeah. Footloose might be the greatest movie musical of all time. The only other contender is High School Musical, but it’s hard to beat a movie in which the opening is a bunch of feet dancing. Thanks for reading this article. Now cut loose!